Friday, May 11, 2007

Writing envy

I think of myself as a pretty good writer. I have a good vocabulary, I can usually tell when something isn't spelled right, and I'm able to self-edit to a degree that means when I write it comes out pretty good. But there are some EXCELLENT writers around, and recently I've been reading one and having writing envy.

Her name is Krista and she has a website called (It's a combination of the words "stumpy" and "voluptuous" -- you gotta love her already, right?) She writes about women and weight training, and she's funny and knowledgeable and very very good. Here's an example of how she writes. It's the first two paragraphs of an article titled "Lies in the gym."

"You don't have to go far in the average gym to find someone willing to give you bad information. People are full of ideas and advice about women and weights. The other day I heard the most ludicrous thing yet: that cardio work was bad for you because it built muscle that pushed the fat out farther. Yep, I guess that's why marathon runners are all so obese—duh. Some of the worst offenders are fitness magazines and personal trainers. This is somewhat distressing, considering that people look to such sources for help and information. The other day, reading a fitness magazine, I learned that yoga will firm my breasts (it won't, unless they meant to write "plastic surgeon" instead of "yoga"), and that over 90% of all long term exercisers exercise in the morning (oops, I guess all the evening regulars at the gym are just fooling themselves).

Anyway I've compiled a list of some of the most common myths floating around like the alligator in the sewer stories. The difference is, of course, that there really ARE alligators in the sewer. And snakes that pop out of your toilet, heh heh."

If you go to Krista's website, be sure to have quite a bit of time on your hands, because she's a wealth of information on all things fitness.

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Colette said...

Okay, has that person ever seen another person who has ONLY done cardio?? They have NO muscle at all, and very well are "flabby-skinny". Some people are just ignorant. Oh well. I'll have to check out those websites...does the last post mean you won't be around the part of blogland much?? We'll miss you ;(

Hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day, so deserve it!