Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The more I learn, the less I know!

The post title is from some 70's rock song, and I can't for the life of me think of the song or artist. The Who, maybe? If anyone knows, please tell me!

Well, it's true. The more I learn, the less I really do know. I met Tracy Reifkind on Sunday and she was fantastic. We spent 2-1/2 hours together and I learned so much about kettlebells and training and life and food and honestly, I would have stayed all day if she would have let me. But I left feeling overwhelmed and discouraged. There really IS so much I have to learn. Well, last night when I looked over the notes I took, then did a kettlebell workout using what she'd taught me, I all kind of came together and I felt like I "got it" a little bit.

Tracy said I could talk about our time together, so I'll just share some general thoughts, in no particular order.

  • Tracy is intense and focused. She knows kettlebells. And she knows how to train.
  • The camera does make people look bigger than they are. Tracy's pictures look great. She looks even better in person.
  • Girya is very cool. If I lived anywhere near Palo Alto, it's where I would work out!
  • The way Tracy puts together kettlebell routines is interesting and fun. You can see examples on her website -- she's generous with her knowledge, for sure. Yesterday I did this workout:
10 swings, then catch kettlebell at horns
10 squats to parallel or a little below
10 swings
10 squats
10 swings
Repeat 5 times

Because you have to count, plus you have the coordination challenge of moving from the handle to the horns of the kettlebell, it's a really fun way to train.
  • Tracy calls manufactured food "franken-food." Ouch. True, but ouch! Even my beloved vanilla PowerBar Protein Plus bars???
If I'm not posting much in the next few days, it's because I'm reading everything Tracy's written. And once I'm done, I'm going to read everything her brilliant husband Mark has written. And Tracy, thank you again for everything!

Ancora imparo!


Colette said...

Sounds like you've learned a lot Sunday. I know you'll incorprate it for your clients and that will make training even better. Franken food...I like that and yes, it is true! Also, yes, those bars are the same thing :( Nothing is like the real deal ;)

KatieFeldmom said...

So glad that you had a great time and I have no doubt that you learned a lot!!! I remember trying my first kettleball in your workout room. Oh how fun that was!!! I def could not figure it out, but one day I will.

And thanks for those links. A lot more stuff to read up on for sure.