Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Why it's so hard to write

I finally figured out why it's so hard to write! It's that I have a child who no longer does gymnastics, so we have LOTS more time together (which is great), and that's usually time I would use to, among other things, write in my weblog.

Ok, so in these few stolen moments, here are some things that are going on in my world:

1. I got to try a Power Plate today, and boy oh boy is it neat! I tried it doing squats, and lunges, and pushups, and crunches and stretching. After coming off it, my body felt amazing -- alive and aware are the best words I can think of to describe it. And after hearing Mr. Bodybugg talk about how it increases bone density, enhances production of HGH, and reduces cellulite, well I'm sold. Now if I can just find an extra $3000 laying around. :)

2. The Smith machine is a great way to train for handstand pushups! I just figured out today that you can set the bar to about face height, then get on your hands, and put your feet over the bar, and you can offset some of your weight. I'm getting more and more comfortable with doing actual handstand pushups, but my range of motion is still limited. But with doing them on the Smith machine, I can go much deeper.

3. The bodybugg has gone to live with its new owner for the next 3 months. I kind of weaned myself off it by not wearing it last week, but now I'm a little panicked about not having it. So I dusted off my FitDay program and am committed to logging food there, shooting for about 2000 calories per day.

4. So maybe it's all in my head, but I think the Power Plate does a fabulous job on abs. Today I went to my gym and did some weight work (bulgarian split squats, squats off a bench, push press, all with 15 pound dumbbells), the handstand pushups, and Cardio Coach on the ARC trainer. After dinner, Tim wanted to go running, so reluctantly I went on a 4 mile run. And I swear I could feel my abs the entire time. And I was very very happy when the run was over.

5. I have two fitness field trips scheduled for the next two weekends! This weekend I'm doing a 10 mile hike led by Suzi Leon, a world-class ultra runner, that goes along parts of the Western States trail. And the next weekend, I'm traveling to Palo Alto to meet Tracy and get some kettlebell training! For someone who usually stays pretty close to home on weekends, watching the kids play, this is big stuff!


Brit-Man said...

I wouldn't use Fitday Leslie, as demonstrated by Colette on her blog recently, when Fitday said that despite her having 5g more Carbs than Protein in one day, Carbs were down to Protein 9% on ratios.

That's crappy when apparently more Carbs equals less percentage calories, and it's an impossibility as well.

Not the first time Fitday has thrown up dud results, that I've actually seen.

Oh and no worries about the writing. You write very well, and anythign you write is worth waiting for, it's just great to be in contact with someone like you, you're an inspiration, and a great part of peoples lives, and I certainly appreciate and thank you for that.

You're a very valued part of the cycber community, and I've ALWAYS been proud to know you from day one, but as always your life comes first, so don't ever worry about possibly letting any of us down, or being less supportive okay.

You will NEVER let a single person down, and you'll always be a great sideline voice, for anybody whos blog you go on, and that's a fact.

Just do what you've got to do for family, and keep being that special Mother, your kids have always had, and us crazy lot will always be here, as and when we can, to keep pushing you on to great things, celebrating your good times, and helping to hold you up through the bad times.

You're an amazing and wonderful person Leslie, so just keep being you, and everyone and everything in your life, will continue to slot into place.

Take care Leslie, and have a brilliant day.

:-) :-).


KatieFeldmom said...

"handstand pushups" ???
Damn you rock!!!!!!!

Have a great time on your upcoming adventures!!!!! Sounds exciting.

Lori said...

You can use fitday, just input your own numbers and make your custom entries. It works.

I don't think in this lifetime I'll try handstand pushups.

Greg said...

You are the queen of new and innovative ideas. I'm still trying to figure the whole dumbbell phenomenon.

Colette said...

Oh, saw my name up there ;) Yes, when I did use fitday, it calculated weird ratios. I've tried it since and have not had great luck with it. I find that I just write it all down and figure out the old fashion way (faster too).

Have a wonderful hike tomorrow. I want to hear all about it!! I know you'll have fun and meet new people.

I don't think you need the bodybugg anymore anyway. You've got a great sence about what you burn up. You'll do great!

Have a super weekend!

Jen said...

Just wanted to say "hi" :-)