Friday, October 19, 2007

Feel the Fear, and Do it Anyway

I'm scared.


  • Traveling by myself.
  • Strange city.
  • Staying with people I don't know WHO ALL KNOW EACH OTHER (really scary!).

Reasons to be happy:

  • Support of wonderful family.
  • Support of wonderful internet friends.
  • New Nike running shirt (pink) and skirt.
  • Tiffany-designed finishers medallion at the end of the race.
Eyes on the prize. Eyes on the prize.

Something else that's great about pre-race preparation is eating all kinds of shit, whatever I want ... I mean, carb loading. Yeah, carb loading is a lot of fun, and pretty important if you want to do well in a race!

I should run a half marathon every single week!


Stef said...

Have a GREAT weekend Leslie!


Colette said...

You'll be great! You are a person who anyone that meets you likes you. Be yourself and you'll be a big hit.

Can't wait to hear how the run went. Glad you loved your carbo load...yummmmm

Brit-Man said...

I'm not sure if you'll read this before you leave or not, but you have no reason to fear anything Leslie. You've done this kind of thing before.

Just be strong, chin up, head high, no worries, no fear.

You are a physical marvel, and you're capable of anything. Some time ago, you got up on a stage in a bikini, and got stared at by judges and a load of strangers, up close and almost personal, and you walked away, with a finish, and the right in my eyes, to call yourself an athlete.

You've still got that title for me, and you are a real athlete, who's been through things, some people running in your race couldn't do, and you proved you are one extraordinary woman, capable of anything you choose to do.

I've been with you all the way to this point, I sure as heck will be there long after, and I hope in 10 years from now, I could still be here, pushing you onto whatever you were choosing to do, as that is something that would make me very happy.

Leslie, you are amazing, and you should be very, very proud of everything you have done physically, and in life.

YES you are an athlete, so you go out there, and show people that when you've been through a 3 month hard diet, and competed, you definitely have the cahonies to run 13 miles, and everyone, should be afraid of you.

GOOD LUCK, and very, very best wishes to you. You are going to be awesome, and whatever you do / achieve, I will always find the highest levels of pride for you, as a person, and hold you in the very highest regard.

Have a great day, no fear, and no worries okay :-) :-).

BIG PAT OH THE BACK, and have a good one misses.


Laurie said...

I get scared in social situations when I'm the odd one out too!