Sunday, October 21, 2007

Mission accomplished?

Yes, I'm back at the Apple store.  Thank you everyone for the super supportive comments -- I was blessed to read each and every one!

Race was awesome, but I'm not sure of my finish time.  My Garmin thinks I came in under 2 hours (1:58), but my Garmin also thinks that I ran more than 13.1 miles from start to finish.  I'll have to check the Nike website for race results to see if I was under 2 hours, but I know I'm really really close.  The finish line was awesome -- the minute I crossed, there was a man in a tuxedo handing me a Tiffany box.  Yes, the necklace IS fantastic!

The course was awesome.  It was just getting light when we started and we saw the sun rising over the ocean.  The views were breathtaking -- between the old architecture and the expanse of the Pacific Ocean it's hard to know what to look at.  The race is really well supported, and the gospel choir at mile 1, the rock music from Nike Plus at several spots, and the bagpipes at mile 10 were my favorite things to listen to.  (My Nano is in some sort of strange mode after being engraved -- after I write this, I'm gonna have an Apple person take a look at it.  So no music for me this race.)  The hills were tough, mainly because my pre-race nutrition needs some help.  After I wrote last night and everything was awesome, I fell into loneliness and self pity because I couldn't find anyone to hang out with, and my "medication" of choice was too many slices of bread with dinner (how many is too many, you may wonder.  The answer is SIX!) and a large pack of M&Ms as dessert.  Next time I'll have a better plan for fueling my run.

But would I run this again?  You bet!  The atmosphere is so fun -- one runner this morning described it like being in Times Square waiting for the ball to drop, without the drunk people!  Turns out there were 23,000 runners, composed of 900 men and the rest women.  And it was really interesting to be in a race where the shortest distance was the half marathon -- you've never seen so many fit, healthy, ALIVE women!!!

So it's time to get my Nano checked out, hop on BART, and head home.  Have an amazing Sunday everyone!


Eileen said...

Good job Leslie!

Maybe I'll come run with you next time. AND hang out...

I've got some work to do seeing as I rarely run for more than a few minutes at a time! But hey, I like a challenge.

Back to YOU though...I'm proud of you. For running. For going there alone. For finishing the race.

Enjoy the necklace!

Colette said...

Big congrats to you!! You should be feeling pretty darn proud of yourself for this whole weekend!

Ahhhh yes, the city is a beautiful place to be (not live). I always feel like I get a good workout when we just walk around the city. Going from Broadway to the Warf is very hilly and fun.

Hope your resting your body for a couple of days and feeding it right...wait...who am I talking to...of course you will ;)

Have a super week, Leslie, and gain, congrats!!!

Irene said...

Next year I plan on doing things differently, like stay in SF so we can hang out afterwards!

Laurie said...

Congrats!!! You made it sound like so much fun that everyone should do it. I loved reading all these posts at once and catching up - definitely feel your excitement.