Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Pre-run Procrastination

I'm about to do 6 miles and it's windy and cold, and my house is not windy and warm. So I thought I'd take a moment to check in (but just a moment!).
  • My PC died yesterday. I use a MacBook for everything BUT the big exciting thing that I just started -- training clients without me being there (online training). The program I chose isn't actually online -- you generate workouts that are printed, along with exercise cards, and given to the client to use in the gym or at home or wherever they workout. About six weeks ago I tried an online option that I didn't like all that much. So I bought this software, customized some exercises, and gave them to my guinea pig person (thanks Amy!), and then ... the PC died! Tim says I can install the software on his PC, but I don't quite believe him -- he's pretty protective of his PC and likes being able to use it when he wants to use it. So I'm re-looking at other options and bummed that the work I've done thus far is lost.
  • Don't know when my brain will not feel fat. Was out running errands yesterday wearing workout clothes. Felt like people were looking at me. Felt defensive and mad (quit looking at me -- I know I don't look great, but so what?!). Asked Tim if I look lumpy and icky. He says no. So maybe my brain needs to lose weight!
  • Kettlebells are the bomb! Every one of my clients is now swinging kettlebells, and I am so happy about that. I think clients are happy too, for the most part, except when they're really tired and they see me pulling out the 12K (26 pound) bell! If you read this and you're not using kettlebells, you've gotta start! (More on this another time -- I still need to do that run.)
  • Still loving My Food Diary. At only $9 a month, it's really worth checking out, if only for a month. The part where it tells you what you'd weigh in a month or in 3 months if you ate every day like you did today -- it's really helpful!
Ok, gotta run (literally!).


Brit-Man said...

Maybe they were just looking, because they were envious, and thought looking that good was the preserve of the rich and famous.

No, you work hard at it it can happen for humble folks too.

Honestly, you look a lot more youthful than your age, and you combine age and youth with such ease and elegance and you should never feel anything but proud of all you've done, and if people are looking, it's for one reason only, because you've earned those admiring looks.

Have a fantastic day Leslie. You are always an inspiration, and a beacon of hope and clarity for us younger folks, in what can still be done with time.

THANK YOU for all that you do and mean, and keep your chin up and head high. you deserve to feel amazing for what you do, and how you look.

You always make some positives out of every day, and your a positive rolemodel for any woman, and even some guys :-) :-).


Crabby McSlacker said...

Wow, what a great blog you have here! Kettleballs, iMixes, lots of great tips and fun to read.

Damn, how am I gonna get any work done?

I'll have to check back later to see what the heck to do with a kettleball, but I'm guessing it's Somewhat Miserable but Mighty Damn Good for You.

Colette said...

Leslie, I'm with Matt...if people were looking at you, it was because at how great you look! You better stop thinking this way or I'll have to come over and knock some sence into you ;)

I can't believe you went running today...it is raining!! That is determination for sure. I like the gym...weather is no problem.

You have a great day and keep those negative thoughts away!!

KatieFeldmom said...

Pishposh on the people looking at you. Your brain just needs to catch up NOW.

Irene said...

Yeah, what they all said! I'm sure all those people looking at you are wishing they have a physique like yours! Yep, the brain needs to catch up!