Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Nike Miles?

Today I did a 5 mile test run, using both my Garmin Forerunner and the Nike+ system. I also entered the run info into My Food Diary. Here are the results from the same exact run:

5.02 miles
9:28 per mile
509 calories

5.33 miles
8:59 per mile
817 calories

My Food Diary
742 calories (at 3% incline)
558 calories (at 0% incline)

So are Nike miles longer than regular miles? I don't really know! To be fair, there are two things that could throw off the accuracy of the Nike system: 1) the way I have the sensor attached, there's a good amount of "play" which could throw the readings off, and 2) you can calibrate the system in some way that I haven't taken the time to do. And when it comes down to it, it really doesn't matter what the numbers say, as long as you're moving in the direction of your goals, right?

But I kinda want to figure the discrepancy out, ya know?


Irene said...

This is interesting because my Bones In Motion wireless run tracker was way off at the event on sunday, and it's usually pretty close. Perhaps there is something to be said about calibrating? I suppose I should have recalibration before I ran.

Good question!

Anonymous said...

I tried to calibrate my nike+ and had no idea how to do it. I did the 400 meters on the treadmill. The treadmill said 1/4 mile (once around) whereas the nike+ said .33 miles. I thought 1200 meters was a mile. Am I wrong in that figuring? Anyway, sometimes the nike+ will say one distance on your ipod and then when you sync it to it will say something else, others have made that comment also. Not sure what it does. Mine is really wrong right now, a 6.2 mile run will say 10.4 until I sync it and then it's 6.2. Weird. If anyone knows why I'm open to comments. Leslie, next year you and I will take SF by storm.

Anonymous said...

sorry I meant 1600 yards - 4 times around a track. Also, Stacy wrote the anonymous comment in case you're wondering who you're suppose to hang out in SF with next year.

Jeff said...

It's like scales. I have no idea which scale to trust, so I just pick one and weigh my progress against it (I'm trying to move up about 25 lbs).