Wednesday, October 24, 2007


My girlfriend heard this at an Al-Anon meeting:

I will fill this day with only as many things as I can do well without haste or tension.

Maybe I've finally found something meaningful enough to have tattooed? Ok, that was a joke, but the saying is one I could benefit from reading, perhaps hourly or more frequently!


Brit-Man said...

Keep up the hard work Leslie. You're doing great, and you should be so proud of yourself.

:-) :-).


Colette said...

Wow, today I posted about how no one is posting anything, and then BAM you go and post three things! I love it ;)

I love that saying...was thinking that it was way long to have tattood, and saw you were kidding...whew! How strange with the differences of the Nike+ and Garmin, and I can't believe you went running after such a long weekend run!! I'm going to check out those two songs that you talked about. I'm always up for new stuff to listen to.

Have a super day!!

Jeff said...

I wake up every day chomping at the bit to get to a list of things that I could never possibly complete, but I like it this way. For some reason, I have to set the bar a little too high. The day I'm not franticly trying to claw my way to my goals is probably the day I die.

But I like the "as many things as I can do well " part.

KatieFeldmom said...

That would be a big tattoo!!! Thanks for posting it .... I could use the reminder too.

Laurie said...

Love it, and I think most of the time I live my life that way. I have little post-it pads with 9 lines, which means a max of 9 things for each days "to-do" list and some days things like Gym, Dinner, Shower make the list cause that's about all I can handle .