Saturday, October 20, 2007

I heart SF, I heart men

Feeling very grown up now that I've driven to BART, taken the train into the city, and found where I was supposed to be.  And it feels VERY special to be here in San Francisco with 19,999 other runners getting ready for the race tomorrow.  Nearly all of Union Square is covered by a huge Nike tent.  I waited almost 2 hours to have my iPod engraved with the special race logo.  Didn't want to wait for massage or pedicure, but they're available!  And Niketown is crazy -- there's a line to get in, and in a huge two story window, they have the name of every single runner!  (I took a picture with my phone -- don't know how it will turn out, but fun.)  Had a GREAT visit with Irene at the Expo -- met her husband and brother too!

So men are cool too.  At the BART station in Pleasant Hill, the information guy told me I was beautiful.  And the waiter at Rose Pistola told me if I didn't have the huge rock on my finger, he'd be saying things that would make me blush.  Two really nice day brighteners, for sure!

Next time I travel alone, I need to remember that I am good with spending time on my own.  And it would also make life easier on everyone around me if I could remember that nearly every single bad thing that I anticipate does NOT come to pass!!!  (I'll make sure I read this before whatever big scary thing I decide to do next!)  Maybe then I won't be quite a prickly to be around (sorry for being so tough last night, Tim!).

Plan for tonight is to revisit the wonderful vegetarian restaurant Tim and I loved when we were here in July.  Then I'll read my new book (How Starbucks Saved My Life) or re-read my old book (Eat, Pray, Love), get to bed early, and by mid-morning tomorrow I'll be wearing that Tiffany-designed finishers medallion!

Be good, friends!


Tim said...

Well your men at home miss you bad and this man in particular is glad you have that"huge rock" on your finger.


Colette said...

I know you'll do great tomorrow! Enjoy each new experience you have. I love going to San Fran by myself. I grew up around there and my dad lives there, so it's like a cake walk to me. We should go one day ;)

Those men are right...why be surprised? I'm sure many think it, it's just that in the city they say it.

Stef said...

Yay! I am so excited for you!!!!


Brit-Man said...


:-) :-).