Friday, October 26, 2007

What I'm holding in my hand

Though I wish I could say that what I'm holding is a magical fitness device that makes EVERYONE love running, it's actually a glow necklace. Jamba Juice was handing them out and blowing bubbles at mile 2 (I think?). Because it was crowded I couldn't get over to get a necklace and I was sad, but didn't want to turn around and get one. But a few hundred steps later, I saw one on the ground and picked it up. Voila -- happy once again!


Colette said...

Thank you for letting me know what you were holding ;)

Glad you were rewarded for NOT turning around.

Brit-Man said...

Running makes you happy eh?

Good job you had that hat on, or no doubt those Endorphins making you happy, would have escaped through your Head :-p.

Just what other runners need, a load of second hand Endorphins, hitting them in the Face. Got to be off putting ;-) ;-).

WELL DONE again. You are 100% inspiring, and amazing. I wouldn't run races, but I'll certainly use your vibes as positive energy.

:-) :-).


Irene said...

Oh Maaaaaaaaan! I missed those. I was probably still stuck weaving through the sea of people in front of me. Oh, and one of my husband's employee's who runs said that my increased mileage on my GPS was most likely due to all that weaving I did to get ahead! I was thinking there was something wrong with the thing!

Laurie said...

Jamba Juice and a toy - two of my favorite things in one, now to make running one of my favorite things.