Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Austin's results

4th place in Northern California!!! (The state championships are divided into Northern and Southern CA because the state is so big.) So now he heads to regionals in April, which cover all of California, Nevada, Arizona, and Hawaii.

Although he enjoyed the meet Sunday and was pleased with the results, Austin was more excited about last night's Linkin Park concert. He and his teammate went and had a phenomenal time. It was Austin's first concert, and it sounds like it was just wonderful! (We could only get two tickets, so I drove, then hung out in Natomas for 3-1/2 hours till it was time to pick them up. I think I earned some mom brownie points there!)


Colette said...

That would have been a great concert! Yes, you did score brownie points I'm sure ;) Now for me, I would have gone home and went back (in fact, that's what I did do when Justin went with a friend a few year back to see Korn). Not the best place to hang out IMO ;)

Congrats to him on coming in at 4th and good luck with regionals.

KatieFeldmom said...

Congrats to Austin!!!
Fingers crossed for regionals!!!

Brit-Man said...

Hay if you want to change cetain things about yourself I'm sure you'll have no problems.

You're also a superb parent, and I'm sure you never give anyone any reasons to doubt that.

Best wishes :-) :-).


Evelyne said...

Congratulations to Austin!! That's just amazing.

And YES you definitely earn Mommie brownie points!!!