Monday, March 17, 2008

Lovely lovely comments

Ok, so I have a few minutes while the chili simmers (3 kinds of beans, 3 kinds of peppers, onions, garlic, tomatoes, corn -- what's not to love?!), and my not-quite-as-sick child is engrossed in a video game.

Regarding "Comment appreciation":
Irene -- I signed up for the NW1/2M lottery. Fingers crossed for both of us! And I'd love to have more time together too!

Regarding "1000 swings":
Colette -- thanks for the nice words. I got much of my equipment from Sac Exercise Equipment (it just moved to the location on 80 -- before that it was on Auburn Blvd off of Madison). You're right in saying they're great to deal with!
Cave-Matt -- thanks for the food for thought on vegging out!
Shelly -- THANK YOU for the links. I'm now going through the archives of both weblogs. What fun fun stuff!!!
Colette -- you are absolutely right! But you already knew that!

Regarding "Belated Video":
To everyone who said they liked seeing video -- thank you! It was scary posting post-workout no-makeup just-as-you-are video, but your comments really put my fears to rest!
Matt -- thank you for the encouragement.
Colette -- the dinner was Cioppino (sp?) and it was pretty good, not great. Flavoring was too vinegary for my taste, but it was dinner nonetheless. And thanks for the nice words!
Tracy -- your words mean a lot, especially the cooking encouragement. (And I still have to write about the wonderful afternoon of cooking with you and Fawn!) 1600 swings?!?! Wow!!!
Jen -- yes, Tim's cinematography methods are fun, aren't they?!
Eileen -- you should post video one of these days!
Katie -- thanks so much! Austin took 4th place at State, and now he's gearing up for regionals in Reno on April 4th.
Evelyne -- THANKS!!!
Irene -- thanks for the kitchen comment!

Regarding "Austin's results":
Colette -- you're right -- I should have gone home and come back, as Natomas is not where I want to hang out for hours and hours!
Katie -- thanks!
Matt -- merci, beaucoup!
Evelyne -- thank you!

Regarding "Take 5 Tuesday":
Katie and Evelyne -- aren't these fun?! I wish everyone would play! Again, the lists are at

Regarding "2 more reasons to love Costco":
Evelyne -- yes, the snap lids are wonderful. No leaks!
Matt -- Jammy Dodgers? You mean, there's an indulgent food I have yet to find?!?!?!
Colette -- I think that for us, the containers come filled with colorful bell peppers!
Pamela -- without a ticket to the concert, there was no way I could shadow the kids and drive them crazy. And they had the best time!
Katie -- great shopping list, girlfriend!
Matt -- Chocolate-coated Jammy Dodgers? You're killin' me!

Regarding "Video from the 1000 swing workout":
Colette -- if you didn't hear bad language, then I didn't say a thing! And yes, I did finish, and right after that we drove to Stockton. Getting out of the car after over an hour of sitting was FUN!
Jen B -- your words are so appreciated!
Anthony C -- I KNEW you would have to try it too! Best of luck, is all I can say!
Matt -- thank you!
Tracy -- thank you for taking the time to comment. Why haven't I built up to it? Because I just wanted to see if I could do it. You're right about my form breaking down, and I will be doing longer sets with less weight as you suggested. As for the breathing -- I am a loud breather, whether I'm running or swinging kettlebells, or doing anything that takes effort. Anyway, your feedback is very appreciated!
Takeonestripperpole -- We all start somewhere, right? Good for you for doing 50 swings in a row! You may catch up sooner than you think...
Greg -- well hello! No offense taken on the maniac comment, but I think from what I've seen you do, same comment could apply to YOU! (No offense, of course!)
Evelyne -- thanks girl!
Irene -- you've so got to try kettlebells. I think you'd love them!
LizN -- stop avoiding kettlebells! Did you know that the folks from Original Bootcamp Au are trying to intro kbs in Australia? (They were in my kb cert in December.) And I've been LOVING the Cathe blogposts, but I feel a little like a stalker as I refresh my browser several times a day just to see if there are any new photos!

Regarding "Quick check in":
Irene -- Here's how I accidentally ran 15 on Saturday. My girlfriend wanted to run 6 (which is her long run). But since that's my base run, and Saturday is long run day, I decided to run before we got together, and then I was going to run home from her house. I wanted to do maybe 5 before her house, but I really did get lost in the enjoyment of a podcast and some trails, so I ended up doing 7 miles before we ran. Then we did our 6. And it was 2 from her house to my house. So it doesn't feel like an "honest" 15 because I stopped for 10 minutes each time at her house. But I did cover the mileage, so I logged it anyway.

In other news, Tucker is doing much better. Still a fever, but thank goodness no more stomach flu-like symptoms, which makes both of us very happy!


Stacy said...

Hi Leslie, I've been off the map lately but I wanted to check in and say "HI" and that I did 200 kettlebells swings yesterday 2 sets of 100 with my 17.6 lb. felt good all over. XOXO Stacy

Colette said...

I love your commnet response time ;)

Hope Tucker is feeling 100% in no time!

Takeonestripperpole said...

I love the way your respond to comments! Very Cool! I hope to play on one of these Tuesdays soon!

Brit-Man said...

Best wishes and take care :-) :-).


Jennifer said...

After your thanks to Anthony and me, I went to read what he had to say and re-read my comment. I subsequently realized that I misrepresented myself a little. By my comment you wouldn't realize that I, too, cuss like a sailor. I've tried in the past to break the habit but have never really felt dedicated to it. It can occasionally be very cathartic on bad nights in the ER. It's who I am right now, and I just let people choose themselves whether they want to put up with it or not, i.e. take me or leave me.