Sunday, March 09, 2008

Comment appreciation

It is so nice when someone reads what you write. And to have someone take the time to comment? That's even better!

On "Comments":
Jen -- I'm so happy I can read your weblog again!

On "Doing Much Better":
Shelly -- thank you! Getting stuff out is much better!

On "A quote worth pondering":
Colette -- thanks for the encouragement and for another clean meat possibility.
Katie -- thanks for the sweet thoughts!
Matt -- thanks for the wisdom and encouragement.
Regina -- I'm glad you got a kb sticker too!
Irene -- glad you liked the quote.

On "Do I get any bonus points?":
Evelyne, Shelly, Pamela, Colette, Katie, Sunshine, and Laurie -- thank you all for the awarding of bonus points, and for the encouragement for my son. TODAY we're heading to the state meet, and I'll let you all know how he does.
Matt -- you crack me up!
Laurie -- so happy you tried the pigtails!

On "Take 5 Tuesday":
Katie -- if you don't iron the lapel (of the flannel PJ's) it looks and feels icky. And I am so NOT a fan of icky in my life!
Matt -- if I missed eating meat, I might not do the vegetarian thing, but I don't miss it at all. If you need meat, you should eat it, Cave-Matt! :)
Colette -- I do think eating less meat, like you said, is a good thing for all concerned (us, the animal in question, the planet)
Pamela -- thank you!
Noelle -- I do love your questions on Tuesdays! If anyone else wants to play, Take 5 Tuesday is here.
Regina -- I'm so glad someone else irons flannel pjs! But even better was you including my blog on your list of favorites -- that made my day!

On "The Good, Good Pig":
Evelyne -- thank you!
Matt -- thank you!
Christine -- this week, I need to refocus on cleaning up my diet, so it's about to (again) become my mantra. Glad it's helping!
Pamela -- I think all good moms try to stay connected with their kids in any way possible, including reading their books, listening to their music, or just being available. Glad to hear you do the same kinda stuff as I do!
Katie -- thanks!

On "Busy week":
Regina -- that your website is up is HUGE! Great job!!! And my fingers are crossed for the job.

On "Friday Night Fun":
LizN -- hooray for flannel ironers! And have you seen all the cool blog posts on STS??? I can't wait!
Eileen -- of COURSE you have a red couch! Have you bought us some cool sexy work clothes yet? We really ARE the same person in two different lives!
Matt -- thank you!
Irene -- thank you!
Colette -- THANK YOU!!!

On "No snowboarding today":
OsteoFitKit -- thanks!
Katie -- Tim really does make it look easy and fun, doesn't he?
Matt -- You're thinking of snow that just hangs around, not snow you drive to. The image of you as Penguin from Batman made me laugh! And yes, snowboarding is attaching both feet to one big fat ski-like board, but I wouldn't have it any other way!

On "Trying to keep up with Tracy":
Matt -- thanks!
Irene -- thanks, and no I haven't signed up yet. I'm trying to decide if I'm doing TNT or just taking my chances on the lottery. Did you sign up?
Donna -- hope your hand is healed. I'm trying another max swing workout today!
Eileen -- I think Regina answered this, but a rip is where a callus rips open, so it's like a blister but intensified, since it's more layers of skin. I'm going to try max swings today, but with gloves!
Regina -- thanks for the excellent hand care suggestions!

On "Take 5 Tuesday":
Matt, LizN, and Noelle -- thanks!
Everyone -- you should try Take 5 Tuesday. It's fun!

On "The Sweetest Compliment":
Matt, Irene, Jen, Katie, Pamela, and Colette -- thank you!!!

Ok, it's time to do my max swing workout, then it's off to Stockton for the State Championships. I'll let you know how it all goes!


Irene said...

I signed up for the lottery. If I get in I plan on doing things differently so I can spend more time at the expo and with friends! Keep me posted with what you decided to to. I'd love to see you again, ;)

Noelle said...

Hi, sorry for the slow and delayed response, thanks for the plug!!! I love doing Take5!! It's fun, but challenging, to try to come up with a list of 5 things every week!