Thursday, March 20, 2008


  • I'm dressed in grown-up clothes because I get to go to the elementary school today and talk with a panel (they're deciding if our school will be awarded a "California Distinguished School" award) about our Art Docent program.
  • Yesterday's high point was driving with Tucker, sunroof down, singing at the top of our lungs. What were we singing? My favorite Beatles songs (the progression on Abby Road that starts with "Mean Mr. Mustard" and ends with "The End." It always brings me to tears, and yesterday was no exception.)!
  • Today I'm working out with my girlfriend Laudon. We push each other, and what I have planned for us today even has ME nervous!
  • Boxing camp is still going well, and it's much better now that I've adjusted to daylight savings time.
  • I'm working on the 3rd issue of my fitness newsletter, and should be sending it out tomorrow.
  • I don't talk about this too much, but I've been vegetarian since last August and am moving towards vegan. Eating this way seems to really agree with my body (and if I could just ditch the Diet Pepsi, I'd be in even better shape!). And I've found a podcast I'm in love with -- yesterday's quote came from it. The founder is Coleen Patrick-Goudreau, and her website is Check it out!
  • I'm signed up for my first half marathon race of the year. It takes place in May, and goes along the American River bike trail, which is right by where I grew up! Another half I'm seriously considering is the San Francisco half marathon. This is the first year they're offering a half, and you get to run ACROSS THE GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE which will be closed to traffic. (Doesn't that sound fabulous?) This takes place in early August. I'll keep you posted.
Ok, I'm off to elementary school! Have a great day, friends!


Brit-Man said...

Thing is going Vegan, could seriously compromise your protein intake.

You won't be able to eat Meat, Fish, and then you'll have no dairy at all.

The only things you're likely to get any solid protein from would be Soybeans, and variations like Tofu, and Tempeh, which wouldn't be a good thing for most meals, and possibly should be restricted.

Other than that all other Legumes, and also Rice and Wholegrains are complimentary, not complete proteins, so Amino acid balance, could be met, but still compromised over what you may have currently.

You would also seriously be restricting things like Calcium intake, possily Vit D, and make the overall eating perspective a lot harder.

I'm not saying you shouldn't do this, but I would say as with such choices, you really have to think about this, as it could make things harder to manage eating wise, when you restrict thus further.

Whatever you do decide in the end, GOOD LUCK, and I know you'll do what feels best for you.

Take care and bets wishes :-) :-).


KatieFeldmom said...

Irene said...

There are a few half marathons in SF. Running across the Golden Gate Bridge would be something!

I'm still hoping we get into the NWHM!

Colette said...

There are different levels of vegetarians...some only eat eggs/no dairy, dairy/no eggs, no animal products period (then you need to look at lables and make sure "gluten" isn't in the product, or just eat fish, etc. How extreme are you thinking??

I would love to do that half marathon in San Fran with you...if I didn't have to run ;) The one you're doing, is it the Folsom one?? Rob did that years ago and it was fun!

Singing at the top of your lungs with your kids...priceless!!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't have a blog of my own, but I am a frequent lurker of fitness blogs which is how I found yours. I am a CSCS, an ATC and a vegan.
The most important part of your decision about your diet should of course be what feels and works best for your body and mind, both physically, mentally and ethically. With that being said, if you are considering trying to become vegan, do not be daunted by the protein/iron/vitamin intake issue. It is common for those who get their protein from meat and dairy to think that one will become deficient if they don't have those sources, however that is not the case. It is very easy to get adequate protein from legumes and grains without even having to dip into the processed soy. Quinoa,(grain)is actually a complete protein, as well as being high in iron. If you dont have a gluten sensitivity, seitan is a great protein source, made from vital wheat gluten - also a very good meat substitute when trying to convert meat centered recipes into vegetarian versions. In terms of vitamins, there are natural sources you can seek out (vitamin D for example can be found in mushrooms - interestingly enough VitD's only meat source is oily fish). However fortified cereals/grains, soymilk, and supplements are perfectly sufficient(You can take the vitamins at specific times/ in specific combinations to maximize absorption). Vitamin B12 is the vitamin you will have to supplement in some way - Nutritional yeast is a great option for addressing b12 needs. You very well might already know all this, but it is a common question, one that I don't think should weigh too heavily on your decision. If you listen to your body and take your dietary cues from there I imagine you will feel the results manifested positively both physically and emotionally. Good luck too you!