Saturday, March 22, 2008

Two tough workouts and heavier, but smaller

Yesterday life worked out so that I could do my usual long weekend run on a Friday. So I did 13 miles, listening to and thoroughly enjoying the Compassionate Cooks podcast the entire time. I finished in under 2 hours, which was a very nice thing, since many of my runs have been slower than I'd like.

Today I decided to do kettlebell swings. Heeding Tracy's advice, I decided to do something a little more sane than 1000 swings with heavier-than-I'm-used-to kettlebells. So here's how the workout worked out:

10 rounds
3 minutes swings with 12 kg kb
1 minute rest
Final result = 1200 swings

I don't know if it's boxing or running or kettlebells or what, but my weight is up by 2 or 3 pounds, and yet my clothes are looser than they've been in a long time. The other day I weighed myself, pouted, and then crossed my fingers as I went to put on some capris from last year, thinking they'd get stuck on my butt or not zip or something. Surprisingly they fit with some room to spare.

I really do love the intensity and the variety of what I do. And as a woman who's closing in on 50 (that doesn't EVEN feel possible!), I love that my workouts give me a great deal of ease in what I eat. I still try to make smart choices most of the time. But I'm delighted to tell you that today's food included a heavenly piece of baklava, and a Cadbury's cream egg with my name written all over it!


Tracy said...


Right on! Now alternate w/16kg, until you can do it all with the 16kg, and then add in the 20, alternating , etc..

Progressive, my dear.

Colette said...

Ahhhhh that's the beauty of muscle mass! Forget the scale woman...that no longer is a gauge for you. All that will do now is play mind games on you, and no one wants that ;) Clothes are your ONLY measure for now on. What a wonderful place to be in ;)

Colette said...
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