Sunday, March 30, 2008

Comment appreciation

Regarding "Quick Check-in"
Matt -- as always you crack me up!

Regarding "Lovely lovely comments"
Stacy -- HI! I miss you!! Great job on the kb swings!!!
Colette -- Thanks for the healthy thoughts for Tucker. He was 100% within 24 hours. Kids are amazing like that.
TakeOne -- Thanks for stopping by, and for the encouragement about comments. Playing the Take5 thing is fun -- hope you try it soon!
Jennifer -- I appreciated your honest thoughts on my language. I've been more mindful about it recently because profanity doesn't really line up with who I want to be.
Matt -- best wishes to you always!

Regarding "Take 5 Tuesday"
Rhea -- I have that quote on my license plate frame and over the interior door in my kids bathroom. I love it because it speaks to excellence in whatever you do. Thanks for stopping by!
Matt -- best wishes to you, my friend!
Cat -- Thanks for stopping by! Glad you liked the quotes.
Shelly -- DO let me know what you figure out about big-ass ropes! (That's not profanity, because I really do want a big-ass rope!) Isn't it fun to think of workouts as play-outs?!
Colette -- Carmel with your husband and no kids -- DREAMY!
LizN -- I look forward to your Five for Friday's!

Regarding "Quote for the Day"
Irene, Evelyne, and Matt -- glad you liked it, and thank you!

Regarding "Randomness"
Matt -- thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts. I think I'm going to eat mostly vegan, but not call it vegan, because that just would feel far more limiting and I just don't want to be that restrictive. Also I'm not willing to give up my yummy whey protein powder!
Katie -- hi!
Irene -- I've got my fingers crossed for the NWHM. Tim is hoping he doesn't get in (!) but when I reminded him that we registered as a team, he felt conflicted about his desire! Let's keep each other posted.
Colette -- I'm not eating any animal flesh, and am not drinking milk (almond milk is the BOMB!) or eating eggs. But I still use whey protein powder and eat cheese occasionally. Also, the 1/2 I'm signed up for isn't the Folsom one, but I will be doing that in November. And yeah, singing with your kid at the top of your lungs IS the best thing!
Anonymous -- you SHOULD have a blog, as you know a TON of stuff! I've been listening to podcasts (The Joyful Vegan) that have given me loads of great information, so I'm not freaked out by some of the concerns I've heard from well-meaning friends and family. Again, thanks for taking the time to stop by -- I hope you'll come back!

Regarding "Feeling Mensa-like"
Matt, Stef, and Irene -- sending brainy thank-yous your way! (jk)

Regarding "Two tough workouts"
Tracy -- thanks for the words of encouragement. You really do know your stuff, so hearing that my workout makes sense to you means a lot!
Colette -- I know the scale isn't the most important thing, but I get so fixated on the number. I'm trying though!

Regarding "Go Speed Racer!"
Matt -- thanks!
Anthony C -- I didn't know you were vegan/veg. I'd love to talk more. I will drop you a note soon -- thanks!
Katie -- hugs to you!
Irene -- thanks so much. I still think your running group sounds great, though, and probably better for working on speed than my occasional run with Tim. : )

Regarding "Comment appreciation"
Noelle -- thanks for stopping by. (Noelle is the author of Take 5 Tuesday, which is a lot of fun and everyone should play!)

Regarding "San Francisco"
Matt, Irene, Colette, Sunshine, and Katie -- thanks for the happy thoughts. And Colette -- next time we'll have to try the Sony store!

Regarding "Greetings from the ladder"
Eileen -- you were right about me not listening to the CDs yet. But today I put them on my iPod, and listened to the entire 1st CD on my 10 mile run. (And thank you again for sending them to me -- I'll send them back asap!) Thank you for pointing me in the right direction, my friend! And you are SO right about planning for summertime NOW!
Irene -- thank you! I feel virtually hugged!
Colette -- thanks for the hugs!
Matt -- as always, THANK YOU!

To anyone who takes even a moment to read a word of what I write -- thank you from the bottom of my heart! Have a great week, friends!


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