Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Take 5 Tuesday

  1. 5 names you like
    • Melinda
    • Duncan
    • Jamie
    • Anthony
    • Hillary
  2. 5 names you don't like
    • Julie
    • Clive
    • Russell
    • Floyd
    • Martha
  3. 5 of your most overused words or phrases
    • "Hugs" to sign off on an email -- it seems friendly but I probably use it too much
    • "3, 2, 1, go" -- all of my clients will be familiar with this one!
    • "Good" -- always in response to "this is hard" "these are heavy" comments
    • "Fuck" -- this makes my husband laugh, which is why I say it
    • "Say again?" -- my hearing is NOT what it used to be (darn Led Zeppelin and Aerosmith) and I ask people to repeat themselves a lot
  4. 5 things you do, or should do, daily
    • Eat lots of fruits and veggies (I do this)
    • Wash your face before bed (I never do this and I feel bad about it)
    • Exercise (I don't feel quite right if I don't break a good sweat)
    • Pray (I'm good about this one, but could always be better)
    • Meditate (thanks to Holosync, I do an hour of meditation probably 4 days a week)
  5. 5 of your favorite stores
    • Nordstrom
    • Costco
    • Amazon.com
    • Ann Taylor
    • Nugget Market

Take 5 Tuesday courtesy of Take5 Tuesday.


Brit-Man said...

Well as with most things, nothing is set in stone, so don't worry about it too much, it's about what you feel within yourself that matters not what consensus necessarily believes you should be doing.

As long as you're happy within yourself, that's what matters the most.

Bets wishes.

:-) :-).


Noelle said...

Hi, thanks for doing my meme yesterday!! I like Amazon too, but don't use it that often.

LizN said...

Ooh looks like fun...roll on Tuesday :)